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A Brief History of the Hidden Hills Sovereign Grace Baptist Church

      The Bruin Park Missionary Baptist Church was organized September 16, 1962, by Elder Wilbur Wright.  Brother Wright was sent by the Opelika Missionary Baptist Church in Texas, his home church, and was endorsed and supported by the Baptist Missionary Association of America.  Brother Wright purchased property at Mile .09 on O’Malley Road in Anchorage and built a church meeting place and parsonage basement at that location.  Elder James Hoffman succeeded Brother Wright as missionary pastor from 1972 through the early summer of 1974.  Brother Hoffman was succeeded by Elder Ray Thurman who served as pastor of the church until March, 1975.  Leon King, came to the church in March, 1975 and has remained as pastor since that date.


      The Bruin Park Missionary Baptist Church instituted the Bruin Park Baptist Academy in September, 1982.  The Academy was a Church supervised, tuition free, day school administered and operated by the members of the church.  The Academy was in full operation from 1982 through May, 1998.  During those years, the parents were trained and assisted in teaching their children at home.  The parents chose to train their children at home, therefore the Church closed the Academy in May, 1998.  At the present time, all the parents who have school age children Home School them.  The Pastor still assists parents through technical advice, records keeping, and purchasing of school materials.


      The church published the Bruin Park Missionary Baptist Notes from 1976 through 1999, a monthly news, doctrine, and evangelistic paper distributed in and near Anchorage as a mission work of the church.  Since moving the present location, the church has begun publication of the Hidden Hills Missionary Baptist Herald which is mainly an evangelistic paper.  The paper is produced quarterly and distributed primarily to individuals who live in the general area of the church.


      The church sold the property at 10800 Lake Otis Parkway in Anchorage in the fall of 1999.  The Anchorage Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, still located in Anchorage, was organized at that time.  The Bruin Park Church moved to its present location after disposal of the property in Anchorage.  On Wednesday evening, February 26, 2003, the church voted to change the name of the church to Hidden Hills Sovereign Grace Baptist Church.  The new