Henry C. Vedder

Henry C. Vedder was the professor of church history at Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania, From 1894 to 1927. American Baptist Convention author,  he wrote the book, "A Short History of the Baptists" in 1907. Vedder inexplicably has  problems with pinpointing Baptism by immersion in history which is probably the reason why he is ignored by Cathcart.







Chapter 1 - The New Testament Churches - History

   The Great Commission. The ingathering at Pentecost Conversion of Saul. The gospel preached to Gentiles. Antioch and the beginning of Christian missions. The empire evangelized.


Chapter 2 - The New Testament Churches - Constitution

   Founded on believers' baptism. Baptism of infants unknown. Ordinances and officers. Worship.


Chapter 3 - Christianity and the Caesars

   Christians and the Roman law. Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicitas. Toleration granted. Attacks of heathen philosophers. The Christian apologists. Defeat in victory.


 Chapter 4 - The Holy Catholic Church

   Signs of degeneracy. Exaggerated ideas about unity. Sacramental grace. Clinic baptism. Baptism of infants. The catechumenate. Sacerdotalism. Growth of the episcopate. Asceticism.


Chapter 5 - The Struggle for a Pure Church

   Montanism. Novatians. Donatists. Arianism. Athanasius and the triumph of orthodoxy.


 Chapter 6 - The Eclipse of Evangelical Christianity

   Patrick and the gospel in Ireland. Evangelical Christianity in the East. The Bogomils.


Chapter 7 - Foregleams of the Dawn

   Arnold of Brescia. Savonarola. Wiclif. Hus. The Moravians.


Chapter 8 - The Wrath of the Dragon

   Origin of persecution. Its theory. Effect of the medieval heresies. The fourth Lateran Council The Albigensian crusade. Rise of the Inquisition. Its Methods. The lesson


Chapter 9 - The Old Evangelical Party

   Protestants before Protestantism. The Petrobrusians. Henry of Lausanne. Waldo and the Waldensians. Waldensian teachings


Chapter 10 - Grebel and the Swiss Anabaptists

   Their origin. Zwingli and the beginning of reform in Zurich. Anabaptism introduced. Persecution of the leaders. Zwingli' s responsibility. Anabaptists in Bern. The Schleitheim Confession


Chapter 11 - Anabaptism in Germany

   Unhistorical treatment of the party. The Zwickau "prophets."  Balthasar Hubmaier. John Denck. Their views of civil government. Persecution by all governments.


Chapter 12 - The Outbreak of Fanaticism

   Condition of German peasants. Decay of feudalism and the social revolution. Thomas M�nzer and the peasant uprising. Luther's tracts against the peasants. Hofmann and his teachings. The Munster uproar. Savage persecution of the Anabaptists.


Chapter 13 - Menno Simons and His Followers

   Menno' s life and labors. Toleration in the Netherlands, Baptism among the Mennonites. Their controversies and divisions. Mennonites in England. Their martyrs: Joan Boucher, Hendrik Terwoort, Edward Wightman.





Chapter 14 - Baptist Churches - The Early Days

   John Smyth and his church at Amsterdam. His baptism. Church removes to London. Growth of General Baptists. Spurious claims of antiquity. Origin of Particular Baptists. Introduction of immersion in 1641. Survival of affusion till 1653. Controversy with Separatists. Confession of 1644. William Kiffen. Hanserd Knollys.


Chapter 15 - Baptist Churches - The Struggle for Liberty

   The Long Parliament and civil war. Presbyterian intolerance. Baptists during the Protectorate. Opposed to monarchy. Fifth Monarchy movement. The Restoration. General Thomas Harrison. John James. Act of Uniformity and persecutions. John Bunyan. Baptists under James II. Act of Toleration. Baptist customs of the seventeenth century.


Chapter 16 - Baptist Churches - The Second Reformation and Its Consequences

   The next fifty years. Confession of 1688. Decline of General Baptists. First Associations. Hypercalvinism. John Gill. General declension of religion. John Wesley and his work. Results on Church of England. Dan Taylor. Andrew Fuller. William Carey and the missionary revival.


Chapter 17 - Baptist Churches - The Nineteenth Century

   Growth of churches. New missionary organizations. Bible Translation Society. Robert Hall. Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Open communion in England. Education. Six-principle Baptists. Seventh-day Baptists.


Chapter 18 - Baptist Churches - Baptists in the Greater Britain

   Baptists in Wales : John Myles, Vavasor Powell. Recent history. Baptists in Scotland: Archibald McLean, the Haldanes. Baptists in Ireland: Alexander Carson. Baptists in Canada. Baptists in Australasia.


Chapter 19 - Baptist Churches- Baptists in the Colonies

   Three periods of American Baptist history. Roger Williams and the first Baptist church. John Clarke and the Newport church. Henry Dunster. Whipping of Obadjah Holmes. First church in Boston. William Screven and the Charlestown church. Beginnings in the Middle States. The Philadelphia Association. Baptist churches in the South


Chapter 20 - Baptist Churches - The Period of Expansion

   Worldliness invades. The Great Awakening. Hezekiah Smith. The Revolution. Morgan Edwards. Progress of the churches. Religious liberty attained. The Westward movement The pioneer preacher. John M. Peck and the Home Mission Society. The Judsons and their work. Luther Rice and the Triennial


Chapter 21 - Baptist Churches - The Days of Controversy

   Unitarianism in New England. The American Bible Society and the controversy about versions. Formation of the American Bible Union. A long controversy. The Saratoga Convention. The anti-Masonic excitement Alexander Campbell and the Disciples. The anti-slavery controversy and the division of Baptists.


Chapter 22 - Baptist Churches - Evangelism and Education

   Periods of revivals. State and local work Development of educational institutions. James Manning and Brown University. Newton Theological Institution. The institutions at Hamilton. Other colleges and seminaries. The American Baptist Publication Society.


Chapter 23 - Baptist Churches - The Last Fifty Years

   Baptist churches in 1850. Numerical growth of fifty years. Progress in education. Growth of foreign missions. Increase of home missions. Work of the Publication Society. Comparative denominational wealth. Counter currents.


Chapter 24 - Baptist Churches - Baptists in the US -- Irregular Baptist Bodies

   Six-principle Baptists. Original Freewill Baptists. Free Baptists. Separate Baptists. United Baptists. General Baptists. Primitive Baptists. Two-seed-in-the-Spirit Baptists. Baptist Church of Christ. Seventh-day Baptists. Winebrennerians. River Brethren. Adventists. Christadelphians. Christian Connection. Social Brethren.


Chapter 25 - Baptist Churches - Baptists in Other Countries

   France. Germany. Sweden. Norway. Denmark. Russia. Greece. Spain. Italy.


Chapter 26 - Baptist Churches - Progress of Baptist Principles

   The nature of the church. The baptismal controversy ended. The communion question. Separation of Church and State. Theological changes. The guarantee of the future.