Including the Original "Last Chapter"written by Andrew Miller.


As all we know of history comes to us through books, I have examined, with some care, the authors which are most esteemed in this country and considered the most reliable. And although there is frequent reference to volume and page, this by no means indicates all that has been gathered from those histories. It would be impossible to say how many thoughts, words, and sentences, are interwoven with my own. The references have been generally given, not so much to verify what has been written, as to induce the reader to study them or whatever works may now be available as he may have opportunity. The materials are so varied and abundant, that the difficulty lies in making a selection, so as to maintain a continued historic line, and yet leave out what would now be neither profitable nor interesting.

Some of my earliest and valued friends, such as Greenwood, Milman, and Craigie Robertson, conclude their histories about the fourteenth century; Waddington, D'Aubigne, and Scott, about the middle of the sixteenth; and Wylie closes his history of Protestantism with its establishment under the reign of William and Mary. Dr. M'Crie's special histories and biographies are extremely valuable; and so is the history of Protestantism in France by Felice, the history of the Reformation in the Low Countries by Brandt, the brief history of the Middle Ages and the Reformation by Hardwick, and also Cunningham's history of the Scotch Church; but good general histories from the early part of the sixteenth to the present century are indeed scarce.

I have aimed at more than mere history. It has been my desire to connect with it Christ and His Word, so that the reader may receive the truth and blessing, through grace, to his soul. And it will be observed that I commence with the Lord's revealed purpose concerning His Church in Matthew 16. Other parts of the New Testament have been carefully examined as to the first planting of the Church, but its actual history I have endeavored to trace in the light of the addresses to the seven Churches in Asia. This, of course, must be in a very general way, as I have been desirous to give the reader as broad a view of ecclesiastical history as possible, consistently with my plan and brevity.

May the Lord's blessing accompany the volume that now goes forth. LONDON ANDREW MILLER


The Seven Churches of Asia

Outline of the Seven Churches

Chapter 1 - The Rock Foundation

Chapter 2 - The Day of Pentecost Fully Come

Chapter 3  - The Disciples Persecuted and Scattered

Chapter 4 - The Missionaries of the Cross

Chapter 5 - The Apostle Paul

Chapter 6 - Paul's Third Missionary Journey A. D. 54

Chapter 7 - The Burning of Rome

Chapter 8 - The Internal History of the Church

Chapter 9 - From Commodus till the Accession of Constantine A. D. 180-313

Chapter 10 - Constantine

Chapter 11 - The Council of Nice

Chapter 12 - The Internal History of the Church

Chapter 13 - The Epistle to the Church in Thyatira

Chapter 14 - The Spread of Christianity Over Europe

Chapter 15 - Mahomet, The False Prophet of Arabia

Chapter 16 - The Silver Line of Sovereign Grace

Chapter 17- The Propagation of Christianity Ninth Century

Chapter 18 - The Church-Building Spirit Revived

Chapter 19 - The Pontificate of Gregory VII

Chapter 20 - The Crusades

Chapter 21 - A. D. 1106 - 1122

Chapter 22 - The Encroachments of Rome in England A. D. 1162

Chapter 23 - The Theology of the Church of Rome

Chapter 24 - Innocent III and his Times A.D. 1198-1216

Chapter 25 - Innocent and the South of France

Chapter 26 - The Inquistion Established in Languedoc

Chapter 27 - The Approaching Dawn of the Reformation


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