Author of the History of the Baptists; History of All Religions; Fifty Years Among the
Baptists; etc.

Printed for Maria M. Benedict, Providence, R.I.

By Nickerson, Sibley & CO., Pawtucket, R.I.



CHAPTER I - Historical Sketches of North Africa, The Principal Country of the Donatists

CHAPTER II - Optatus Against the Donatists -- The Origin of This Work

CHAPTER III - Persecutions of the Donatists

CHAPTER IV - Extracts From the Writings of the Donatists

CHAPTER V - The Conference at Carthage, in Africa, Between the Catholics and the Donatists

CHAPTER VI - The Second and Third Days of the Conference

CHAPTER VII - Closing Scenes of the Conference, Mostly by the Donatists

CHAPTER VIII - Various Matters Concerning the Above Named Convocation, Its Origin and
Chief Manager, with Comments by Different Parties

CHAPTER IX - The Catholic Discipline Compared with That of the Donatists

CHAPTER X - Biographical Sketches of Donatist Authors and Distinguished Men

CHAPTER XI - Denominational Character of the Donatists

CHAPTER XII - The Donatists were Accused of a Confederacy with the Circumcelliones

CHAPTER XIII - Conclusive Evidence Against the Demoralizing Influence of the Conference of Carthage on the Affairs of the Donatists

CHAPTER XIV - Pope Gregory Against the Donatists

CHAPTER XV - Du Pin's History of the Donatists

CHAPTER XVI - Review of the History of the Donatists and the Last Days of Augustine