Church History

One of the best and most informative historical accounts of the Lord's Churches after completion of the New Testament Scriptures is found in the writings of Godly men who have sought to follow the churches of the Lord through the ages.  Here are some of those historical accounts:

A General History of the Baptist Denomination, David Benedict

 The Bogomils of Bulgaria and Bosnia by L. P. Brockett, MD

The Bogomils of Bulgaria and Bosnia

A History of the Baptists by John T. Christian

A History of the Baptists by Thomas Armitage

A Vindication of the Continued Succession of the Primitive Church of Jesus Christ - Anabaptists

Short Papers on Church History by Andrew Miller

Did They Dip?  Examination of the mode of Baptism by John T. Christian

History of the Donatists, by David Benedict 

History of the Waldenses by J. A. Wylie

Hassell's Church History

Origin of the Baptists by S. H. Ford

Short History of the Baptists, Henry C. Vedder

The History of Baptists in Slovakia

The Trail of Blood