Sermons by J. C. Philpot


Joseph Charles Philpot (1802 – 1869) was known as “The Seceder.” He resigned from the Church of England in 1835 and became a Strict & Particular Baptist. While with the Church of England he was a Fellow of Worchester College, Oxford. After becoming a Strict and Particular Baptist he became the Editor of the Gospel Standard magazine and served in that capacity for twenty years.

Educated at Oxford University, he was elected a fellow of Worcester College, and appeared to have a brilliant scholastic career before him. But he was brought into solemn concern spiritually and the Lord led him into the ministry. He first preached in the Established Church at Stadhampton (Oxfordshire). In 1835, however, he was constrained, for the truth's sake, to sever his connection with the Church of England and to resign his curacy and his fellowship. The letter to the provost stating his reasons was published and went into several editions.

The same year, he was baptized by John Warburton at Allington (Wilts). The rest of his life was spent ministering among the Strict Baptists. For 26 years, he held a joint pastorate at Stamford (Lines) and Oakham (Rutland). In addition, for over twenty years, he was editor of The Gospel Standard, where many of his sermons first appeared.

"My desire is to exalt the grace of God; to proclaim salvation alone through Jesus Christ; to declare the sinfulness, helplessness and hopelessness of man in a state of nature; to describe the living experience of the children of God in their trials, temptations, sorrows, consolations and blessings."

- J. C. Philpot


A Believers Colloquy with His Soul Afflicted Remnant and Their Abiding Trust An Acceptable Present to the Lord of Hosts
An Immutable God and a Strong Consolation And Also I Have Withholden the Rain from You Balm in Gilead
Believer's Gain His Loss, Believer's Loss His Gain Better Things which Accompany Salvation Bitter Waters Sweetened
Blessedness of Divine Chastening Blessings Imputed and Mercies Imparted Blowing the Gospel Trumpet
Breaker Bruised Reed and Smoking Flax Can Two Walk Together Except they be Agreed?
Christ the Friend and Surety of His Poor Christian Warfare Compassionate High Priest and a Throne of Grace
Cross Cry of Jonah out of the Belly of Hell Day Spring from on High
Preface to Dayspring from on High Deliverance from this Present Evil World Desirability of Keeping the Authorized Version
Desire of our Soul Divine Enlargement and Spiritual Obedience Divine Separation
Eagle and Her Young Earnest Contention for Living Faith Eternal Refuge
Eternal Sonship of the Lord Jesus Christ Everliving Intercessor Every Valley Shall be Exalted
Experimental Preaching Fellow Citizens with the Saints and the Household of God Following on to Know the Lord
For The Lord God is a Sun and Shield From All Your Idols Will I Cleanse You Fruitful Bough and the Strong Bow
Getting and Losing or Divine Separation Gifts for the Rebellious Gods Method of Answering Prayer
Golden Chain of Tribulation and Love Gospel Seed Bed Heavenly Birth and Its Earthly Counterfeits
Heavenly Gifts to Victorious Saints Heavenly Realities and Divine Certainties Heavenly Teaching
Heir of Heaven Walking in Darkness Help From the Sanctuary Hidden Manna, White Stone, and a New Name
Him Hath God Exalted with His Right Hand Houseless Wanderer I Have Stuck to Thy Testimonies
I Was Alive Without the Law Once Idolatry If Any Man Come to Me and Hate Not His Father
Israel's Happiness Jesus the Resurrection and the Life Biographical Sketch of Joseph Charles Philpot
Kingdom of God Hid from the Wise and Revealed Unto Babes Labourers Rest Leper Diseased
Mighty Put Down and the Lowly Exalted On the Law and the Gospel Philpot's Letter of Resignation from the Church of England March 28, 1835
Reproach Answered The Leper Cleansed Union with Christ in Death and Life