By Dr. John M. Adams



he word "Holocaust" seemingly jumps off the page as one reads about or discusses anti-Semitism. This subject is described as a prejudice, a hatred, or a discrimination against Jewish people for reasons connected to their race or heritage. A person or a group who holds such positions is called an anti-Semite.


God Keeps Israel Forever


In a Psalm that most of us have memorized, perhaps as children, Psalms 121 states: “My help cometh from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: He that keepeth thee will not slumber. Behold, He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep."


This is an unconditional promise that is verified in history. There are over 3500 years in history that verifies God's promise that He will keep Israel and protect the Jewish people.


The prophets avow that Israel shall remain a nation before God forever. Jeremiah 31:35-36: "Thus saith the Lord which giveth the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and by the stars for a light by night, ...The Lord of hosts is His name: if those ordinances depart before Me, saith the LORD, then the Lord, then the seed of Israel shall cease from being a nation " If you can blot out the sun and blot out the moon and change the eternal ordinances of God that one thugs tried desperately in will shine in the day and the other will shine in the night—that same LORD God hath said:  That Israel will be a nation before me forever.[i]


Historically, Satan desires to Destroy Israel


In about 1400 B. C., the Egyptian Pharaoh said “I will destroy the Jews.”  His plan was to destroy the seed and then the Jewish nation would collapse.  Pharaoh passed a decree that all male children born in every Hebrew family should be slain.


In 722 B. C., Sargon, with his merciless and bitter Assyrians destroyed Samaria and the northern ten tribes.  But God said:  “Israel shall abide before me a nation forever.”  586 B. C., Nebuchadnezzar came with his Chaldeans and destroyed Jerusalem and Judah.  But God said, “Israel shall abide before me a nation forever:” In 70 A. D., Titus came with his Roman legions and they leveled the holy city to the ground and destroyed the temple of the Lord.  And they tried to destroy the nation utterly.  But God said:  “Israel shall abide before me a people forever.”  In the eighteenth chapter of the book of Acts and the second verse it says that Aquila and Priscilla, who later became friends to the apostle Paul were in Corinth because Claudius, the Roman Caesar who had expelled all Jews from Rome.  That has been the story of the Jewish heritage for centuries.  Nation after nation has sought to destroy and to bury them.


In the law that Christopher Columbus wrote, dating it the first of August, 1492, Columbus observes that the port in which his ship; is anchored and from which he leaves to find the New World, that the port is filled with Jews.  Why?  Because Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand had made a decree to destroy all the Jews in Spain and they were driven out and expelled.  For centuries there were no Jews in the British Isles.  They were not allowed in England.  In 1948, for the first time in nearly two thousand years, a nation of Israel was born.  But Nasser and the Arabs said:  “it shall not exist.”  But God said, “It will abide before me forever.”  And in 1956, Nasser the leader of Egypt declared war against the little Israel and he was ignominiously defeated.  Then in June of 1967, Nasser stood up and said, “I have two billion dollars of Russian armament.  I have one thousand Russian tanks.  I have an armada of airplanes.”  And he inflamed the fifty million Arabs.  In June, led by Nasser, the Holy war of the Arab people attached Israel from every side.  To the amazement and to the astonishment of the earth, in six days Israel cut the Arab legions to shreds.  Isaiah 31:3-5 says, “now the Egyptians are men, and not God: and their horses are flesh and not Spirit.  When the Lord shall stretch out His hand, they shall fail all together.”


Adolf Hitler and his Nazi thugs tried desperately in World War II to eliminate the Semite/Jews but God halted this dastardly deed with the assistance of British and American allegiance to Israel.


The Future Anti-Christ Seeks to Destroy the Semite


Satan’s program through the ages, has been and will continue to be, the destruction of Israel.  The ultimate and final dictator, the anti-Christ, will also fail.  Front page newspaper articles and television news coverage still focus on the Jewish nation of Israel.  The tribulation period in itself will be about the Jewish people.


God’s Covenant with Israel


In Genesis 12:1-3, God states his covenant with Israel.  This promise seals forever that Israel belongs to Him.  But Israel’s existence in the Promised Land is always under the threat of annihilation from her Arab neighbors and surrounding foes.  Five recent wars have evidenced Divine providence and preservation of the Jews.


Israel as a nation occupies a peculiar place in God’s economy.  Ford Ottoman (1859-1929) wrote in his book The Coming Day, “The ability of the whale to swallow Jonah is no more wonderful than its inability to assimilate him.  If God be not reckoned with, neither the one nor the other can be explained; neither can Israel nor her preservation be explained without reckoning with God and His covenant promises.”


Zechariah 2:7-8, “deliver thyself, O Zion that dwellest with the daughter of Babylon.  For thus saith the Lord of hosts; after the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you; forh= he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye.


So individuals, politicians, and nations should consider carefully their opinions of the Jewish people.  All should take heed of the warnings of God found in Zechariah 2:7-8.


All Christians, churches, and governmental representatives should demonstrate support for the nation of Israel.  Pray for Israel.  Psalms 122:6, “pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.


[i] This is not a direct quote from Scripture.  The author has drawn this statement from Jeremiah 31:5-6 and a host of other passages – Editor, LK


[From The Missouri Missionary Baptist, Volume LXXVII, Issue No. 2, St. Louis, MO, February 11, 2014, by permission of the editor, Bro. James Hoffman]