"And, ye fathers, ...bring them up..."

by  Leon King

"And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the LORD." ó Ephesians 6:4.

    My dad smiled as I showed him the report card. About eight weeks had passed since school started, so it was report card day. School was easy for me, and I enjoyed being there. My school teachers were either members of the church where we belonged or they were members of a church nearby. One of the men teachers drove the school bus - such as it was in those days. The teachers were believers, and they were patriots. We stood each morning and recited the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. We had prayer which was usually led by the principal of the school. It was a country school about two and a half miles from my house. In the earlier days, we walked to and from school. For the older generation, this is the experience most remember about the public schools.

    Today, that scene is far from what we see. There is little or no concern for patriotism. There is no prayer in the school. (Frankly, I would not want some unbeliever trying to teach my children to pray anyhow. So, as you might suspect, I am opposed to the movement to restore prayer in the government schools.) There are few believers who teach in the government schools, and those who do are vexed. During the past years as Pastor of the Bruin Park Baptist Church, I have had occasion to know some believing school teachers personally. They are vexed with the system to say the least. Actually, the trends began before I started to school. In the 1930s, much of the liberalism and anti-Christ philosophy made its way into the schools. During the 1960's the great push was made by the unbelieving element and prayer and the Bible were legislated out of the schools.

    In the 1940ís where I grew up, the consolidation of the schools had begun. The folks saw that as a big plus in those days. One of the leaders in our church - a pillar in the community thought consolidation was a great idea! I do not criticize him for that opinion, but looking back, I believe he did not have all the facts. Those days are forever past. We dare not live in history. Since that is the case, we have to deal with things as they are, not like we would like them to be.



    We believe God has given fathers responsibility to train their children. It is the father who begets and therefore is responsible for his childís training. Little did I realize the importance of that when I was a younger father. Like my father before me, I looked at the report card and used it as a measure for what my child was doing in school. There seemed to be no cause for alarm. We were accustomed to the idea that we were sending our children to school to prepare them to make a living in life - so they could take care of themselves. I still do not know where that idea came from.

    The word nurture comes from a Greek word which includes the ideas of instruction and chastening. It certainly includes the idea of training and not just teaching. Exactly what is it that we have in mind for our child? What is the end of the educational process? Is it that we want him to fit in with the society we live in? Is it that we want his teachers to convey to him the values held by the world system? Selfishness? Riches? Position? Sodomy? Adultery? Fornication? Is it that we want him to excel in sports? Play in the professional ranks? Develop his physical skills and fine tune his body so he can become famous (or infamous)? Is it that we want him to attend a good college where he can learn to question seriously everything he has ever been taught that is good and wholesome? You say, "they donít do that." I reply, "Yes, they do." While there may be teachers who do not hold this philosophy personally, the system forces them to agree with it at least in a token way. If they voiced opposition, they would be soon without a position.

    Do we want our children to learn that it takes "a village to raise a child?" Do we want them subjected to the continual bombardment against Godís institution - the family as defined in Scripture? Our children need instruction and chastening, all of which amounts to training. That is the responsibility of the father. Thank God we have learned in these past years that there are things more important than the recognition of the world.

    Years ago, when I was confronted with the idea of training my children, I was looking for a private school. I am very grateful that I found one that helped me do what I had to do while I was learning. At that point, I did not understand all the reasons why I needed to remove my children from the government schools. I had already made the decision that it did not matter what it took in terms of costs. I would rather my children learn to read, write, and reason at the feet of Godly people with Godly principles than send them to a wicked system for their training. Not yet did I fully realize my responsibility as a father in this vital area of my children's lives! Shortly after I moved my youngest two daughters into a private school, I came to believe that even if they failed to achieve the academic level the world believed to be important, I would make the change anyhow.



a. The public education system teaches evolution as a fact. For them, there is no God to which man is responsible. That is a vital contradiction to what I believe.

b. The public education system is opposed to prayer to Almighty God, the creator of the universe.

c. The public education system is opposed to the Bible, God's Holy Word.

d. The public education system does not want students to speak about their faith in Jesus Christ.

e. The public education system is not adequate to teach our children the values they need to live righteously and soberly in this present evil world.

f. The public education system is controlled in large measure by the National Education Association which is pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, pro-fornication, anti-family, anti-Christ, anti-church, and anti-Bible.

g. In Anchorage, the public education system spends more than $7000 each year for a child's education - that's $7000 of your tax dollars. Much of that budget is spent on things we would never choose as a part of our children's educational process.

h. Some of the materials used in the classroom and libraries of the public school system is pro-sodomite, pro-abortion, pro-free sex, anti-family, anti-church, and anti-Bible. Some of it is clearly pornographic.

    How about it, Fathers? Are you going to train your children to live in the world? or, are you going to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord? You and I will no doubt give account for what we did with our children (or didn't do) as the case may be. One brother said, "Do you honestly believe the Israelites left Egypt to follow the Lord, then sent their children back to Egypt to be educated?" That is precisely what Fathers do when they do not take steps to educate their children apart from the world system.

    God has raised up people to provide the tools Fathers can use to train their children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. There is an abundance of home school materials. Many churches like the Bruin Park Missionary Baptist Church have a day school to assist fathers in training their children. God has not left us at the mercy of a wicked system. You can do it, Dads!  You can do it by the help and grace of God - and you should!  We bow our heads and give Him the praise!


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