Millennial Issue


By G. E. Jones








Foreword ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------         6




Different Positions in the Millennium ------------------------------------------------------------------------             6

Postmillennialists -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------           6

Premillennialists ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------          7

Non-Millennialists --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------         7

The Fact of the Millennium -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------            9

Symbolism of Revelation ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------           10

Inspired Method of Dealing with Visions and Symbols ------------------------------------------------                 11

The Place of the Reign ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------          13

The First Resurrection -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------         14




Mr. Kempin Answered – Twenty-Four Objections ------------------------------------------------------                20




History of the Doctrine ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------           88

The Doctrine of the Early Churches ------------------------------------------------------------------------             89

The Alogi and Montanists --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------            91

Doctor Whitby’s Testimony ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------            92

Opposition to the Doctrine in the East ----------------------------------------------------------------------             93

Philo and the Allegorical Method -----------------------------------------------------------------------------             94

Oxman Sees Women as Key to Church -------------------------------------------------------------------             96

Opposition in the Western Churches -----------------------------------------------------------------------             97

Kempin Witnesses Against Himself ------------------------------------------------------------------------              99

Antioch Against the Alexandrian Method, Etc. -----------------------------------------------------------             101

John-Polycarp-Ireanus Chain ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------          102

Justin Martyr --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------       103




Other Objections Considered ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------         105

David’s Throne in Heaven --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------        106

The Last Days -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------        106

Every Eye Shall See Him ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------          107

The Battleground of Our Day ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------           109

Conclusion -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------       112





As this age draws toward the end the picture becomes clearer and clearer to the student of prophecy. It becomes more and more apparent that the personal reign of Christ on this earth is a vital question. I have always felt that there was much more involved in this question that most people realized. Now I know this is so. Today the lines are being more closely drawn. Modernists, social reformers, unionizers, legalists, and all heresies and the forces that are working to bring the Antichrist into power are lining themselves up against the Premillennialists.  The doctrines the Premillennialists are preaching are in the way of the formation of a world government and a universal federation of all religious bodies into one vast religious hierarchy.  It was the same in the early centuries of Christianity.  It is so today. For the first two and one half centuries the majority of Christians believed that Christ and His saints would reign a thousand years on this earth. They looked for Christ to return in person and reign in person over the nations of the earth. As long as this was the prevailing opinion among professed believers there could not come into existence the system of Popery, or the idea that Christ was now reigning over the nations through a vicegerent, the Pope.  The doctrine that Christ will return in person to reign over the nations of earth, and the doctrine that He is now reigning over the nations through a vicegerent are opposed to each other. As long as the majority of professing believers held to the first doctrines such a system as Popery could not prevail. It was therefore necessary for the majority of those in positions of influence and leadership to be turned away from the belief in the Premillennial position before such a system as Popery could be developed. The Devil used such men as Caius, presbyter of Rome, Origen of Alexandria, Dionysius, Jerome, and Augustine to turn many of the churches away from Premillennial truth to an allegorical interpretation of all prophecies with reference to the reign of Christ and the restoration of Israel, the throne of David, and the regeneration of this earth. In this connection I wish to quote from "Seven Dispensations,” by J. R. Graves, pages 562-63.


"Daniel Whitby, D.D., was born in Northampshire, England 1638. His ability and education is unquestioned yet we are at antipodes with the millennial scheme of which he is the acknowledge originator.  But he bears a noble testimony for Premillennialism.  Hear him:  “The doctrine of the millennium, or the reign of saints on earth a thousand years, is now rejected by all Roman Catholics, and by the greater part of Protestants, and yet it passed among the best of Christians for two hundred and fifty years for a tradition apostolic; and as such is delivered by many fathers of the second and third century, who spake of it as the tradition of our Lord and His apostles, and of all the ancients that lived before them; who tell us the very words in which it was delivered, the Scriptures, which were then so interpreted, and say that it was held by all Christians who were exactly orthodox.”



From this we see that the early Christians held to the idea that Christ and His saints would reign on earth a thousand years.  We also see that this doctrine is rejected by Roman Catholics, and by the greater part of Protestants, or those who came out from Rome.  Baptists are not Protestants.  I want the reader to keep this in mind.  The early Christians and early fathers who followed the apostles were in the main Premillennialists.  But ALL Roman Catholics, and most of those who came out from Rome, are against this doctrine.  I think the merits of a doctrine can be measured to a great extent by considering who adhere to that doctrine and who oppose it.  I challenge anyone to find a modernist who is a Premillennialist, or one who is for the Federal Council of Churches, or for a world government, who believes it.  The attitude of this present world system toward our Lord is reflected in its bitter opposition to His return to this earth to reign.  “We will not have this man to reign over us,” -- Luke 19:11-27.


            The teaching of Premillennialists, that Christ is coming back to this earth to take over its affairs and reign in person is against what the modernists, social reformers, and unionizers propose to accomplish.  It condemns all their wisdom and efforts to establish a righteous, peaceful world order as vain, unbiblical and doomed to failure.  It takes this task out of their hands and puts it in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ.  There is a close relationship between the doctrine of salvation by works and the idea that men will usher in a time of peace and righteousness.  One teaches that the individual’s salvation depends upon his own works.  The other teaches that the salvation of the world depends upon its works.  On the other hand, the Word of God teaches that this earth, like the sinner, can only be delivered by the supernatural intervention of Christ Jesus in its behalf.  Premillennialism is a millennium by grace.  It is one that is to be ushered in by the supernatural return of Christ.  In the salvation of the sinner, grace intervenes when there is an end of human works.  It will be so in the redemption of this earth from the evils and woes that beset it.  When human wisdom and works have dismally failed and reached an end, then the Lord will intervene by His supernatural power and coming.


            The natural man has always resented the interference of God in his life and plans.  He wants no supernatural work in his behalf.  He feels himself entirely capable of bringing about his own salvation, spiritual and otherwise.  As a rule, he is willing to recognize the existence of a supreme being, but he wants no close relationship with God.  Because of this, he is opposed to the work of the Spirit of grace in his heart.  Because of this he is opposed to the supernatural intervention of Christ in behalf of the nations.  This takes the task out of his hands and puts in the hands of Christ alone.


            For over thirty years, I have studied closely the trend of religious opinions and movements.  I have seen the world being turned away from the gospel of Christ to a gospel of social reform.  I have seen the faith of men being turned away from what Christ is going to do to what man proposes to do.  I believe the time is here when those who expect to be loyal to Christ and His word should take a firm, positive stand on the millennial question.


            Come time ago, someone, who did not wish to reveal his, or her name, sent me some literature which opposed the thousand years reign.  This literature is put out by the so-called “Bible Truth Depot” in Swengel, PA.  I ordered a book that was advertised as an eye-opener on this question.  The title of the book is “Why the Millennial Doctrine is Not Biblical.”  The author of the book is Albert J. Kempin.  While the book I secured was sold by the “Bible Truth Depot” in Swengel, PA., the book was printed by the so-called “Gospel Trumpet Company” of Anderson, Indiana.  Along with this book I received a number of tracts on the same line.  In this work I propose to answer this book and these tracts.  In so doing I wish to set forth the teaching of the Word of God in such a way that our people may be brought to a clearer understanding of the teaching of the Bible on this line and may be brought to a realization of the situation that confronts us today.

-- G. E. Jones