By Forrest L. Keener

July, 2012

For he hath put all things under his feet. But when he saith all things are put under him, it is manifest that he is excepted, which did put all things under him. And when all things shall be subdued unto him, then shall the Son also himself be subject unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all. (1 Cor. 15:27-28)

My first ancestor came to this country before the revolutionary war. His name was Martin Keener. Keener is an Anglicanized form of a German name, which was spelled quite differently, and I do not presently remember the correct spelling of it. He was granted land by the king of England, in North Carolina, where the little town of Keener NC now is. The little town is now just “a wide spot in the road” but there is still a church yard cemetery there, in which I understand I would have a right to be buried. I expect that burial right has been inherited by many more people than the land would contain. That ancestor was recorded by his offspring as Martin the Tory, because he believed it was ungodly to rebel against the king of England. Perhaps the grant of the land may have dictated his politics. I do not know. Certainly, I would disagree with him, and most people today would, but then many, perhaps even a majority of the people in this country agreed with him. Many, if not most, were Tories. In any case, 236 years ago an important document was signed, called The Declaration Of Independence. At that time the United States of America became a sovereign nation, and has now become the greatest national human power on earth. On the forth day of this month people will celebrate “The forth of July,” and some of them, especially our children, will not even know what we are celebrating. 

Yesterday, July first, we stopped at the Wal Mart Grocery, on the way home from Church, to pick up a couple of sale items, and the store was filled to the brim. People were packing their shopping carts with grocery items, which my wife and I would not think we could afford, though we do not consider ourselves to be at all poor. My wife asked “why is this place so busy” and then, we realized it was the first of the month, and therefore, Food Stamp Cards were “Reloaded” so people were there to splurge. This is always the case at the beginning of the month. I am told that now more than 10% of the American people are receiving food stamp assistance. They can even eat at many restaurants, with those food cards.  They are going to celebrate what? Certainly it is not really independence. Nor can the American people claim to be independent. So many of them are shamelessly living on government money which the government does not have. The government is taking more from the rich than their production can long sustain, and borrowing the rest from China. These people, US citizens and aliens, are slaves, owned by the US government, but soon to be owned by the lender who really supports them.

They are now eating government food while buying theater tickets, big screen TVs, and tickets to all kinds of sports events, but they must, within a few years, if not months, start to support their owners, if they are to be fed by them, as slaves always must do. Today’s socialism is a comfortable philosophy of life, to people who fail in their money management, or who are too lazy or frustrated to work hard enough to support them selves, or who are too undisciplined to live within their means. Nevertheless, if you dance you must pay the fiddler sooner of later. Later is coming at break neck speed. The philosophy of socialism is that government rightly controls the activity and resource of the entire nation, or ideally the world. That government, what ever form it takes, theoretically requires of all the people product, according to what they are able to produce, and gives to them provision according to what they need. This may seem good, or at least practical, to the simple minded, but has it never occurred to them that this is the same standard by which an owner governs his slaves, or his beasts of burden, such as oxen or work horses? This may sound dreadful, but that is what we become when we allow ourselves to be fed by, and thus depend on, our government.

We desperately need to declare, and establish, our independence from earthly kings, whatever title they may travel under. Then we need to realize, and declare, our dependence on God, thank Him as He gives us our daily bread, and follow His direction in our usage and dispersal of our earthly resources. Obviously, we should be subject to the lawful powers that are over us, whether those powers are at a national or a family level. But let us be extremely cautious when it comes to developing, as we have, a controlling form of government, which we design to give us provision which we have not honestly earned, because such government will soon come to own us, as if we were animals or other property. The means by which we are conquered is not war or conquest, but it is by the Hitlers of the world taking advantage of our covetousness. We casually walk into a pen to eat free food, or to get free medical care, and are so gratified by our covetous appetites that we do not hear or see the gate closing.  When a fisherman goes fishing he is not there to feed the fish. He does indeed feed them, but their meal is a limited one, and their gratification is abruptly shortened, when he jerks the hook into their jaw. Well, the jerk is imminent.

Will the popping of our firecrackers tomorrow be so loud that we cannot hear the plunderers laughing at us? Wake up Americans, and refuse to eat someone else’s “free food.” There is a hook in the shrimp, and there is a line on the hook. Slavery is only a jerk away!